Community Business Partners

As employment specialists, we are continually looking for employers who are willing to work with us. We strive to have our young adults connect with employment opportunities in their local neighborhoods and to contribute to their community. There is no greater feeling then to feel valued as an employee.

Did you know the unemployment rate for the disabled is about twice that of those with no disability?!?

We are fortunate to play a part in helping people with disabilities find meaningful jobs. We believe that anyone who is willing to work should have the opportunity to do so. TransitionCT tries to create employment prospects and opportunities for this unique workforce.

A “We Can” motto is highlighted every day. We believe in the talents and capabilities of our exceptional workforce, and we will not stop until everyone who wants to work is given a chance. This mission inspires us and motivates us to do our best every day. We generate employment solutions that benefit all. 

…is intricately connected in their communities….fostering community partnerships will be seamless…..persevere through difficulties and are fair-minded…with a strong business sense….

Colleen K.

Certified Employment Support Professionals


  • Screen Before Hiring: Free Trial Work Period. See if an applicant has the skills, work ethic and attitude necessary for success before committing to hire.
  • All Insurance Covered. We carry worker’s compensation and liability insurance.
  • No Cost to You. We pay all the wages for the trial work period.
  • Improved Performance: Hire Committed Employees Motivated employees offer better and more effective customer service.
  • Free Training. We provide an experienced trainer to be sure the job is done well. We are experienced. We have been training effective employees for over 25 years.
  • Save money. No expensive classified ads needed to find a source of good, reliable employees.
  • Save time. We help train so your staff can get back to being productive. Save time and money. Save time and money by hiring the right candidate the first time!

TransitionCT is committed to recognizing the outstanding individuals who help us advance our mission. We are proud to offer awards to our amazing employers, employees, business owners, and advocates.

In addition to awards, tax benefits are available to employers who work with the disabled.

Please contact us to discuss all the wonderful opportunities in store for everyone!