Individuals who are looking for Vocational support are evaluated by our staff for their skills and interest. We will create a supervised trial work period in an area that will best match the skills and interest.

We conduct Interest Inventories and support career exploration and job analysis. Individual and group classes consisting of detailed descriptions of the world of work for job seekers, workforce professionals, students, researchers, volunteers, and more!

We focus on developing a strong work ethic and reinforcing a positive attitude. Daily affirmations and mindfulness techniques are part of our successful Vocational Program.

….sees past any disability and knows that despite the physical, intellectual or learning abilities, the person before them has a real and definite place in society.

Debra S.

Our experienced Site Counselors provide training to new employees hired through our program.

Assist with Informational Interviews and Job Shadowing.

Develop one or more sites for part time employment, internships, on the job training or volunteer work

Included with all Vocational Services are resumes, cover letters, mock interviewing, cold calling, appropriate dress and behavior leading to success.

We guide individuals to the appropriate state services if applicable such as BRS, DDS, DMHAS, BESB, etc.

We support Employee/Employer Assistance as an accommodation under ADA.